Glenn Fricker in: “The Fans Deserve Better”

Ever feel like the modern metal community is divided into two camps: digital and analog? Well, I guess those aren’t exactly the terms I should be using since you can record and mix entirely in the box and still be raw as fuck. And contrary to the opinion of Spectre Sound Studios’ Glenn Fricker, a man whose loudly stated opinions have been covered previously at Gear Gods, I don’t even think that modeling amplifiers kill the purity of music, since they do nothing to correct a musician’s performance.* Maybe raw is the term I should be using… raw and processed maybe? Or raw and corrected?


Anyway, Glenn Fricker is back. We like his angry mojo so much that we decided to partner up and bring his podium to the people, because maybe you don’t need some recording sense slapped into you, but good lord plenty of other tasteless knuckle draggers out there do. So let’s take a few minutes and vent about the sad state of modern recording practices that are directly responsible for why I hate nine tenths of the music that passes by my ears as of late.

For more videos from Glenn and Spectre Sound Studios, head over to his YouTube channel.

*That said, I’ll always choose a tube amp when given the option, even for bass.

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