REVOCATION Drummer Ash Pearson’s Double Bass Control Exercises

Bless the folks at Drumeo, and drum media culture in general: is there any other discipline that literally supports every single kind of underground music without judgment? Just a few weeks ago they had on Scale the Summit drummer J.C. Bryant, and this week they’ve got a mini-lesson from Revocation’s new drummer/absolute monster Ash Pearson.


Last year, the good folks at Drumeo brought out Ash for an extended lesson all about auditioning for a band. That was still early on in Ash’s time with Revo, before I was really sure of what exactly his skills and quirks were on the drums.

And after hearing Great is Our Sin and watching this, those are becoming more clear. This new Revocation album is some of the most technically demanding music the band has written – the fastest songs, the longest double-kick patterns, etc. That requires not just technique, but stamina. Or as Ash calls it, control and dexterity. Watch below:

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