Drumeo Brought Out J.C. Bryant of SCALE THE SUMMIT For a Masterclass

God bless Drumeo, which is essentially the best drumming website out there, for featuring some of the most interesting drummers in metal/punk in what are essentially free masterclasses. The last one I watched, featuring Billy Rymer of Dillinger Escape Plan, was absolutely fantastic (and super informative, even if you’re not a drummer!)


Drumeo recently had J.C. Bryant of Scale the Summit in their studios for one of these classes, to talk about composing progressive drum parts. According to J.C., he’s been co-teaching this class with Danny Walker while the band’s been on tour with Intronaut – amazing – and now we’re lucky enough to have it memorialized online.

I missed this one when it went up the other week, so I thought I’d repost for you guys. It’s a really cool subject and obviously you’re a fan of Scale the Summit, so hit play:

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