Drummers, Watch This Hour Long Lesson with Billy Rymer From Dillinger Escape Plan

I fucking love the people at Drumeo, who consistently put out quality content supporting great underground/niche drummers – a tremendous amount of it for free. If you’re not hip to them, now’s a good time. This week on the chops block is Billy Rymer, drummer for Dillinger Escape Plan and No Machine, and in my opinion one of the finest drummers extreme music has to offer.


I know Billy’s playing and DEP in general, similar to bands like Gorguts, can have a mystical veil over their music, given how active and straight-up different it is from most of what you hear. But the key to Billy’s playing is his mastery of simple, groove-based techniques. I’m about halfway through this lesson, and that’s exactly what he talks about me. Though I haven’t played drums seriously in several years, I’m learning A LOT from this as a guitar player – so I recommend everyone check it out!

Oh, and there’s iso-track playthroughs of DEP songs “Prancer,” “Understanding Decay” and “When I Lost My Bet.” Time-stamps for those are in the video’s description. Enjoy, and check out Drumeo’s website to learn more about what those guys are up to.

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