Welcome back to The Month In Gear, our look back over the past months-worth of gear demos, reviews, and general insight and/or gear-related silliness. This past April featured some sick pieces of gear including the DEAN Exile Select Floyd 7 String, ML Sound Lab AMPED ROOTS, and more! They’re all here for your viewing pleasure in case you might have missed one, so sit back, relax, and enjoy April’s gear recap!


The DEAN Exile Select Floyd 7 String Guitar:

“Let’s try writing a song using the new Dean Exile Select Floyd 7 string!”

You can learn more about the Dean Exile Select Floyd 7 here.


“Let’s check out the Amped Roots amp sim plugin from ML Sound Lab and Fluff!”

Learn more about the ML Sound Lab Amped Roots plugin here.

The EMG 57/66 TW Pickup Set:

“Today we’re trying the EMG Pickups 57/66 TW dual mode pickups that are both humbuckers AND single coils in a single housing.”

Learn more about the EMG 57/66 pickups here.

BALAGUER Semi-Custom Guitar (The Thicket):

“Let’s design and order a semi-custom Thicket guitar from Balaguer Guitars!”

You can learn more about Balaguer Guitars here.

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