Welcome to The Month In Gear, our look back over the past month’s-worth of gear demos, reviews, and general insight and/or gear-related silliness. This past month offered our Ultimate Compact Modeler Shootout, the review of the Dunable Eidolon Dave Davidson Signature pedal, the Revv G2 pedal, and many more sick pieces of kit. They’re all here for your viewing pleasure in case you might have missed one, so sit back, relax, and enjoy September’s gear recap!


The Roland Fantom 6 Keyboard:

“FANTOM is a complete music composition platform, filled with creative options to build arrangements fast. Available tools include RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with piano roll editing, and a grid for recording and launching clips.”

You can learn more about the Roland Fantom 6 here.

The Revv G2 Pedal:

“We sat down with Jack Fliegler (AKA TOXICxETERNITY) to demo the G2 pedal from Revv at this year’s SpritiCon II in Germany!”

You can read the full review and learn more about the Revv G2 pedal here.

The Dunable Eidolon Dave Davidson Signature Pedal:

“Today we take a closer look at the new Dave Davidson of Revocation signature EIDOLON pedal from Dunable!”

You can read the full review and learn more about the Dunable Eidolon pedal here.

Ten of the World’s Finest and Tiniest Compact Amp and Effects Modelers:

“This is a bit more than a single gear review, as we’ve demoed out over ten of the world’s current compact amp and effects modelers in one massive shootout!”

You can learn more about each of these amazing compact modelers here.

The ENGL Fireball 25 (First-Look):

“Trey sat down with Grandma Glenn of SpectreSoundStudios to take a first look at the new Fireball 25 amp from ENGL at this year’s first-ever 42 Gear Street in Germany!”

You can learn more about the ENGL Fireball 25 here.

If you’ve made it all this way, we hope you enjoyed what we’ve had to offer in gear these past few weeks, and we’ll see you next month!

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