Track Premiere: REPTOID Drop Disgustingly Heavy Prog-Noise Beats

We don’t cover nearly enough proggy noise music on this website – but we know we must have fans of bands like Daughters, Melt Banana, Swans Lightning Bolt, and Zach Hill projects, etc, who frequent Gear Gods.


So for you peeps, we’ve premiering a certifiably hard slammer from Reptoid, the new project from ex-Reptilian Shape Shifters member Jordan Sobolew. “The New Reality” is one of the heaviest things you’ll hear all summer: as abrasively noisy as it is fuzzily earworm-y. And, of course, there’s a badass concept of inter-dimensional reptilians controlling our society a la They Live.

Check out “The New Reality” below, and pre-order the rest of the glitchily delicious Scum Supreme here.

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