WARFORGED: Shred Along To This Exclusive Dual-Guitar Playthrough of “Willow” With ONSCREEN TABS

They’re back, baby!


You may remember Warforged from their previous guitar playthrough we premiered late last year for their track “Nightfall Came”. Well, the Chicago-based boys are back in town, and this time with an exclusive dual-guitar playthrough for their song “Willow”! This one also comes with interactive tabs, so sit back, grab a guitar, and see if you can keep up!

In true Warforged fashion and much like their previous guitar playthrough, “Willow” is an especially dark and dense track with plenty of nightmarish surprises around every bend. Clocking in at almost 10 minutes in length and coming from more of the meat of their album I: Voice, “Willow” is a great example of how Warforged are able to successfully combine their complex blackened prog-metal sound with more eerie and ambient chamber sections. There’s a lot to digest in this behemoth of a track, but guitarists Jace Kiburz and Max Damske make it all look pretty damn easy.

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