WARFORGED Emerge From The Shadows In This Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough For “Nightfall Came” With ONSCREEN TABS

If you’ve been keeping up with the absolute slew of metal releases throughout this past year, you’ve probably seen the name Warforged being thrown around a bit, and with damn good reason. Hailing all the way from the icy realm of Chicago, IL, the five-piece death metal outfit have been going strong since 2012 and just released their debut full-length album I: Voice this past May. Now, the dudes are here with this exclusive dual guitar playthrough for the track “Nightfall Came” with onscreen tabs! Watch, listen, and attempt to play along if you dare, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Featuring guitarists Jace Kiburz and Max Damske, the track is chock-full of dark, twisted sounds, monstrous riffs, and beautifully dense orchestration. It’s hard to pick a favorite track off I: Voice, but this one sure comes close for us. And although the audio here is straight from the vinyl master of the album, Paul Aluculesei, who handled the majority of the tracking/reamping on the record, had this to say:

“Guitars on the record were played primarily on a Kiesel Vader 6, with a couple on an Esp Horizon NT-2, not including guest parts. The amps are the Soldano SLO 100, VHT Pittbull 100CL, and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (an early 2 channel version). The rhythm guitars were like 60% Soldano, 40% VHT. Pretty much all of the leads were through the VHT. I think we only used the Mesa on Nate’s lead. It was used very sparingly.”

Be sure to follow Warforged on Facebook and Instagram, get I: Voice on Bandcamp and Spotify, and pick up some sweet swag from the band here.

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