WARFORGED Release Music Video for their Prog Masterpiece “We’ve Been Here Before”

Chicago blackened progressive death metal act Warforged recently announced their signing with The Artisan Era and they are already turning some serious heads. This band is about to release their absolutely fantastic debut full length entitled I: Voice on May 10th of this year. The band’s previous releases include 2014’s Essence of the Land EP and 2015’s single, Two Demons. They just premiered a brand new single/music video for the track “We’ve Been Here Before.” This track is as beautiful as it is horrifying and is laden with fantastic arrangements, riffs, and melodies that are all fused together in such a unique way.


On the concept behind their new record vocalist/keyboardist Adrian Perez says:

I: Voice is the sum of five years of creativity and focused work. The music plays as a stream of consciousness, jumping often from one area of the metal spectrum to the next with recurring melodies and vibes throughout for the purpose of bringing about an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Since Essence Of The Land and “Two Demons” came out, we worked to build upon and elaborate on our musical style and mission statement. What started as an idea of modern death metal with hints of black metal evolved into a more progressive, unique, and “epic” ethos. Horrifying and beautiful, dynamic and aggressive, harmony found through dissonance, an ebb and flow through drama and resolution, a flirtation with memory, a call for collaboration, personality, and reality… immense emotional energy seamlessly woven within the death metal genre.”

To be honest, I haven’t felt this excited for a metal release since Opeth started teasing songs for Watershed back in 2008. I’ve been lucky enough to hear I: Voice in its entirety and I can say with confidence that it is ABSOLUTELY an album that people need to be paying attention to. I’ve truthfully never heard a metal album quite like it.

PRE-ORDER ‘I: Voice’:
Merch/Preorder: http://smarturl.it/WARFORGED-VOICE
Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/WARFORGED-BANDCAMP
Bandcamp: https://Warforged.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Warforgedband
Instagram: @warforgedband
Twitter: @warforgedband

Filmed by Adrian Perez & Tom Conway. Edited by Adrian Perez

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