Drummer TROY WRIGHT Plays Through “Damar” By DAVID MAXIM MICIC

DAVID MAXIM MICIC’s music is so soothing, it’s easy to forget how technically ludicrous it really is. Drummer TROY WRIGHT handles the song “Damar” off Micic’s 2017 record Who but the Moon with ease though and showcases his incredibly high caliber of musicianship. The best thing about this playthrough video is that you can download the drum transcripts from the link under the video, and learn “Damar” yourself!


Troy’s YouTube Channel is also chock full of educational and training material for drummers, so if you’re having trouble on some sections of the “Damar” transcript, I’m sure there are resources that Troy already has available that can help you get through it.

Check out his YouTube here, Facebook here, and Instagram here.

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