DAVID MAXIM MICIC Gets Cozy With This Playthrough of “Living Room” Feat. AARON MARSHALL


It’s no secret that guitarist David Maxim Micic has found a pretty comfortable spot in today’s prog metal landscape. The Serbian-based musician’s latest record Who Bit the Moon is a damn good listen, and totally solidifies Micic’s credibility as not only a technically proficient guitarist, but an incredibly musical one at that. And as if you needed any more convincing, he’s just released this playthrough for the third track “Living Room (feat. Aaron Marshall)”, so grab a blanket, get cozy, and stay awhile!

If there’s one thing this song’s got, it’s groove. Between the lush instrumentation, driving rhythms, and the repeating hook, there’s a lot to love about this tune. And don’t think we forgot about the televised guest solo by Intervals guitarist Aaron Marshall, which of course, absolutely crushes. Did we also mention that you can get tabs for the whole thing here? S P E E D.

On top of delicious tuneage, the man has also been working on his YouTube game over the past few months and has amassed a hefty following. Be sure to peep his channel for more stuff like this and loads of  a e s t h e t i c .


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