Say Happy Birthday to Devin Townsend by Giving Him “More”

I think part of the charm of Devin Townsend’s stage banter is his simultaneous rockstar badassery and awkward self-consciousness. Somehow he makes them work as a cohesive whole. Maybe that’s just the kind of thing you can pull off especially well on your birthday? Not that they actually filmed this footage on Cinco Devin Mayo… but I guess he just bends time like that. I guess if you have a rack of reverb units and compressors they grow sentient and start messing with space/time.  It’s a real problem.


EMG pickups don’t deal with any of that mess. They simply provide him with the 81 and 66 pickups (this is the first I’ve seen a 66 paired with an 81 instead of the usual 57) behind that Townsend tone. However, if they do get around to warping temporal linearity I’ll be sure to cover it.

Want more of Devin Townsend at EMG? We’ve covered it a few times. So jump back here, or here, and even here. I guess time travel is possible after all.

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  • He is solid as a brick. That was an awesome video.

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