Devin Townsend goes for the “Juular” on EMG TV.

Devin Townsend may be an incredible talent as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter (admittedly I go back and forth on his production skills depending on the album), but on top of that the reason he’s so fun to cover is that he’s one of the few people in metal who has so much, well, fun. I was briefly hanging out with one of EMG’s reps at NAMM, driving to an Intronaut show, and he was dying to show me and my buddies this Devy performance because of how awesome the facial expressions are in it. Devin’s stage persona is one of a kind. I’m not sure if anyone else could have taken staring into the camera and made it so hysterical.


Oh, and the song rules. But that’s a given.

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  • I think it’s hard to doubt his production skills mate…definately not my personal preference when it comes to production style, but style and skill are different things.

    • Agreed, I thought I had misread that sentence. Hard to understand someone doubting that.

  • Great choice. Devin is an incredible musician. He performs this as if there were thousands of people in a crowd. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Devin ‘Townsend’

    • Not sure what you’re talking about. I definitely typed “Townsend” in the header. I mean, you can see it right up there. You must have been drunk when you didn’t see what you thought you saw.

      • You are totally right, I didn’t see what I didn’t correct because it didn’t happen. I must’ve been sucked into the vortex of your expert journalism skills. Kudos!

      • The URL on this page and the title for the post on Faceboob both read Townsand.

        It’s okay though. It’s kind of funny.

        • Not sure what you’re talking about but the url totally says “Townsend.” You must have been on a lot of drugs. As the site’s administrator with full control over the articles, I promise you that things like urls are impossible to change after the fact.

  • He has a Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” style to his productions.

  • I really don’t understand how the majority of people on these forums hate on every half decent band out there but champion this guy, is it some ironic joke that I failed to pick up on? like ‘Sharknado’ ”so bad it’s good” because this guy is just dire.

    • maybe its just that devin townsend is fucking awesome and you just have shitty taste in music.

    • Boo for your shit on Devy, but I have to admit, your Sharknado comparison isn’t really too far off. Especially in the case of this album, Deconstruction. Devin Townsend was himself referring to it as pretty horrible before its release. The subject matter of the album is like something out of Nickelodeon. It’s definitely not an album meant to be taken seriously, but ended up being a stinky pile of fucking awesome anyway.

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