Ola Englund Makes His Washburn Solar and Randall Satan Tools of “Mass Destruction”

Ola Englund is quickly gaining notoriety, not just for his playing in Feared and The Haunted but for the rapid fire release of his new signature Washburn Solar guitar and Randal Satan amplifier. Seriously, that’s probably some kind of endorsement record. And I’m not even going to get into how the Solar/Satan pair shouldn’t even work since everyone knows Satan is trapped underground in the frozen center of hell.


Well now Mr. Englund gets to show off his new toys. The video below features Feared’s song “Mass Destruction” with all of Ola’s signature gear in one place. The Satan has that super tight and high-fi tone that I took notice of when I checked it out at NAMM. It’s not an amp with a lot of sag. It kind of has that Fryette sound that makes you want to play as clean as possible: not the kind of amp that forgives sloppy players (not that Ola has to worry about that).

Also of note: there are a few Solar models available, but Ola Englund’s specifically rocking the 7-string model with the Evertune bridge. Good man. He should form a band with Ken Susi.

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  • Am I the only one that gets bored to death whenever they hear this guy play? Don’t get me wrong Ola’s an insanely good guitarist, but I can tell what he’s going to play before he plays it.

    • He is boring like hell. Every time i see his gear stuff on youtube i close the window as fast as i can.

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