Oblivion Drummer Luis Martinez Plays Fast, Edits Faster

In today’s drum playthrough adventure we have Oblivion skinsman Luis Martinez performing “Black Veils Of Justice” from the album Called To Rise.


This is usually where I’d provide some sort of blindingly insightful commentary, but instead I simply went blind from all the quick jump cuts. I know, it’s metal, and even your editing needs to be extreme, but I always thought the point of a playthrough video was for the viewer to watch you play through a song.

From what I can gather, Martinez seems to have a unique drumming posture (a little more hunched over the kit than usual), and he has some badass stick alternation technique going on. He’s also playing direct drive kick pedals, most likely Axis AL-2 Longboards.

Oh, and a totally unrelated drumming PSA: If you live in the NYC area like most of us on the Gear Gods team, Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner is holding a free drum clinic at The Collective in Manhattan on October 24th. Details are in the flyer below.


Source: Sick Drummer

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