HARBINGER Embrace “The Fear of Sorrow” In This Exclusive Guitar And Bass Playthrough

UK-based tech-death outfit HARBINGER are back, this time with an exclusive guitar and bass playthrough of their track “The Fear of Sorrow” from their debut album Compelled to Suffer! You may remember Harbinger from their previous playthrough for “Desperation Dear” that we premiered last year, and boy howdy have these dudes been pumping out the goods since then. Check it!


In this playthrough of “The Fear of Sorrow”, Ben Sutherland, Charlie Griffiths, and Kris Aarre power through the track with ease. With techy leads, thunderous grooves, and a monstrous amount of energy till the very end, Harbinger know how to grab your attention and hold it tight. And those Carillion guitars don’t look half bad either if we do say so ourselves.

Be sure to follow these guys on Facebook and Instagram, as well as listen to Compelled To Suffer here. KEEP THE TECH.

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