DECAPITATED – “Never” Exclusive Guitar Playthrough


You may have seen the companion drum playthrough via Nuclear Blast for “Never” earlier this week. In case you missed it and need the memo, Poland’s Decapitated are back and gearing up to release the follow-up to 2014’s Blood Mantra. According to guitarist Vogg, Anticult, due out July 7th, “is the best representation of our music, and we’re really excited for the world to hear it!” You can hear him play through the first official taste of the album in the form of “Never,” only here on Gear Gods.

Vogg had the following to say about the featured track:

‘Never,’ the first track we are showcasing from the record, is fast, it’s technical, and most importantly, it’s heavy. For us, it’s what Decapitated is all about… and it will be really fun to play live. Enjoy it!

Indeed we will, sir! Anticult makes its debut in just a few short weeks and is certain to be a summer headbanger. Preorders are currently available at the following link or by clicking the album cover below. For everything else, you’ll want to stay glued to this page, as a US tour announcement in support of the new record will be made shortly!

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