DECAPITATED – “Never” Official Drum Playthrough

Now we’re talking – this blisteringly heavy drum play-through for “Never” by the mighty Decapitated comes straight out of the blocks right into your face.


I first heard Decapitated when I was at school and my friend lent me “The Negation”. I put it in my stereo and the “The Fury” just hit me like a sledgehammer to the jaw. It was so aggressive and furious and was like nothing I had heard, so violent and filled with pure adrenaline, that from that point onwards I was hooked. Since then, the band has been through some, shall we say, monumental changes. The horrific bus crash which unfortunately took drummer Vitek’s life and seriously injured vocalist Covan took an obvious toll on the band, forcing them to enter a hiatus. At the time I remember it looking like it was all over for them, a real sad state of affairs. Since then, the band has bounced back, new members have carried on the band’s legacy and although the sound may have changed, they still maintain that brilliant ability to create incredibly well-crafted death/heavy metal. Their live show is still on point as well, sounding as heavy as they ever have done.

In this play-through for “Never”, drummer Michal Lysejko shows us why Decapitated are still relevant in today’s metal scene. He pounds the pots and pans like a bat out of hell, sheer power and technique are all over this track making it a truly satisfying watch. “Never”, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Anticult seems to lean more towards current metal than previous efforts, with the band adding some more straightforward metal groove yet keeping the fast paced riffage and pounding drums that they have become notorious for. From this track alone I am excited to see what this new record is gonna sound like because this seems like a slight change in direction.

The new album Anticult is due for release on July 7th, so keep your eyes peeled for it as I’m sure it won’t let us down.

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