CIRCUITRY Guitarist CHRISTIAN COLABELLI Slithers And Slides Through This Exclusive Playthrough of “Snake”


That’s right, New Jersey metal outfit Circuitry are back and bolder than ever. Since guitarist Christian Colabelli swept the internet with his guitar playthrough for the band’s tune “Moment of Clarity” off their most recent record Untouched By Human Hands, they’ve teamed up with us here at Gear Gods yet again to premiere this exclusive playthrough for their opening track “Snake”!

In the playthrough, Colabelli rips through some gnarly riffage with the intensity that the rest of the song packs behind him. Although the track is aggressive as hell and boasts several dissonant moments, the tune as a whole has a melodic and progressive feel that might be unexpected initially. These elements and more are what define Circuitry’s unique sound and set them apart from bands in a sometimes stale genre.

In addition to Colabelli, the talented team behind this project included Steve Seid who mixed the track and Matt Guglielmo who produced the video.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, and to check out Untouched By Human Hands on their Bandcamp.

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