CIRCUITRY Spark Your Senses With This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough Of “Moment Of Clarity”


New Jersey-based act Circuitry are the kind of metal band we wish more people knew about. Since releasing their newest album Untouched By Human Hands in November of last year, we’ve been stoked to see the 2-piece garnering well-earned attention left and right. The duo have just released this new guitar playthrough for their track “Moment of Clarity”, and hooo boy is it a heavy one. Check it!

In the video, guitarist Christian Colabelli lays down some incredibly tasteful, punchy, and downright filthy riffage that is sure to satisfy near every metal fan out there. As a huge fan of progressive metal like this, I can hear loads of influence from all kinds of other amazing bands, boiled down to the most essential elements that set Circuitry apart from the rest. Well done, gents!

Be sure to follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram, and to check out Untouched By Human Hands on their Bandcamp.

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