Gear Gods

They'll help you calculate infinity in the face of option paralysis.

At least now Kanye has something to wear with those pants of his.

Thrown undergarments soon to follow.

The difference essentially comes down to magnetism vs pressure.

Unfortunately they don't answer the burning question of "what type of coffee is in that mug?"

Adding the already awesome lineup that includes Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, Mike Portnoy and more.

If any reader has a pedalboard with every single one of these cacophony devices on it, and can send me

Because Jimi or Randy never played it, basically. Also, I have no idea what it sounds like.

Side-of-the-stage view of most of "Ritual" and the end of "Year Zero."

It's up on eBay right now for those of you with a couple grand and nothing to spend it on.

The Hellraiser Hybrid and Stealth, new models of the Banshee, and the return of the C1 Classic and Blackjack.

This guy's playing is Brazil NUTS.

I wanted to share this with you so his performance isn't just Meinl, it's yours-l.

A manly pickup for a manly sound. No girls allowed. EXCEPT FOR THE BEARDED LADY