Timbercraft Cabinets: Amplifiers Pretty Enough to Ask Out on a Date

It used to be that my stained non-glossy koa guitar was the prettiest instrument I’d ever set eyes on, but there are a couple manufacturers on the cabinet building side of things that appreciate a gosh darn good looking piece of natural wood. For example, I’ve always had a soft spot for Emperor Cabinets, out of Chicago, for their looks (and their tone, of course). Those boxes are still designed like tour-worthy enclosures, though. You feel bad for a while when they get beaten up, but function over aesthetics ultimately wins.


Florida’s Timbercraft Cabinets seems to be taking the next logical step down that path. I couldn’t imagine throwing one of these in the back of a van. It’s not a comment on the sturdiness of their construction–hell I’ve never seen one in person, although they look plenty legit. But they’re obviously designed to be kept in a studio, or to be integrated into the aesthetics of your home. You can choose the wood, work with the builder on the design, and ultimately have an amplifier that’s yours in a sense larger than simple ownership.It seems I dropped the ball during NAMM by not posting about Timbercraft sooner. Up until a few days ago the company had a Kickstarter campaign underway in an effort to expand the workshop, but it’s been cancelled. They were only $5,000 into the $25,000 goal, so I’m assuming that’s the reason. Nevertheless, Timbercraft’s website and Facebook, which have been updated since, still list March 1st are the launch of the webstore. So why no go over and take a look?

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  • this dude has some mad design skills. i want one

  • Hey uhhh, Timbercraft is misspelled in the title of the article. Forgot the M.


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