Gear Gods

Recording engineer Eyal Levi tells you what you need to know to get a great drum recording.

Smooth mid-song mixer and laptop moves, Jason.

The company formerly known as VHT added an option that makes this high gain monster way more useful. I just

I suppose that, as ninjas, silent riffing must be an option.

People love tiny gear. Especially flying people.

If you didn't watch the studio half of that video over and over hoping you could one day spend fifty

Just, you know, with words. Not an actual probe. You people have a serious anal fixation. I'm just trying to

It won't take a lot of effort to heave-os this thing

Total Tone Tweaking for the Financially Irresponsible.

Drummer Danny Moncada has single stroke rolls to spare in the fourth track off of the album Last Poem /

They made a few tweaks that supposedly are identical to the mods Eddie Van Halen had done on his amps.

What, that's not how you measure pedal sizes?

I guess the video department had a budget they needed to spend and Phil was nearby.

It just seems like that kind of day.

Fresh off their tour with 3 Inches Of Blood, Battlecross, Revocation, and Diamond Plate.