Gear Gods

It doesn't look it, but it's actually a very, very evil guitar.

Live from the Oakland Metro on the band's tour with Between The Buried And Me.

Hump day seems ripe for playthrough videos. You're down in the dumps, slogging away at whatever soul-crushing job you do,

For those of you who like the M80 Bass D.I.+ but wanted something smaller and don't need distortion.

It's a Liuteria GNG Brea Dr.V signature Absynth Amaranth, which I think is just a list of all the items

Candiria are back after a 7 year hiatus. I had a chance to talk to their drummer Ken for an

I guess this is the theme for Monday. Let's roll with it.

Orange's new amplifier straddles the line between its classic sound and more aggressive high gain tones.

Part one mainly focuses on the band's demo process

And for his CreativeLive class he has Sleeping Giant singer Tommy Green in tow.

Essentially it's one of their POD floorboards with the AMPLIFi's connectivity.