Gear Gods

Don't say the dj- word, just don't. But it totally does.

Patrick Sheridan traded an Axe-FX for a Mesa Mark V.

Tremble! as he recounts his sinister motivations for learning the guitar

I mean hell, there's magnets involved. And a "self-automating trap design." It sounds like you'd need a PhD for that.

You know, nothing serious, just coffee. Oh, I'm sorry, did I spill my coffee on you? Looks like of nice.

One last hit of NAMM, but DDrum does our job for us this time.

The Revocation guitarist/vocalist will teach you everything he knows about songwriting or melt your brain trying.

Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob gave us a tour. For those of you wondering, he's my second favorite Orlando: below

For those of you that hate directionality as much as I hate mayo.

NAMM 2014 was the year of nine strings, and of one.

Who does he love more: Neil Peart or Sean Kinney? You'll never believe his answer

Rise from your graves, and build new amplifiers.

New custom options are on hand for their 2014 NAMM guitars.