NAMM 2015 – Select -A- Head


When I was a naive and excitable teenager, my drum teacher gave me a signed drum head by Brann Dailor, with a special inscription reading “Hey Max, you rock!” It took me an unreasonable length of time to realize he had signed it himself. Which, on reflection, was pretty special, and despite its fraudulence, I’ve got it up on my wall, where it’s sticking around until I’m broke enough to try and pawn it. Thanks Adam!

This is all to say that I think Select-A-Head is a pretty great idea. For consumers, its a way to display your love for a band in a unique way, as opposed to framing an Asia poster (although, a signed and framed Stryper drum head is not too far removed). For bands, it’s a way to earn a little extra royalty cash with basically no effort – all they need to do is farm out their artwork, which is already plastered everywhere for free online, in-print, and on posters!

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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