Gear Gods

The Hellraiser Hybrid and Stealth, new models of the Banshee, and the return of the C1 Classic and Blackjack.

This guy's playing is Brazil NUTS.

I wanted to share this with you so his performance isn't just Meinl, it's yours-l.

A manly pickup for a manly sound. No girls allowed. EXCEPT FOR THE BEARDED LADY

"Execution/Don't Save Me" is the song this time.

For those of you who enjoy dropping your guitars from a great height.

For those of you on a Remission for the best tone possible. Hopefully every palm mute sounds like Thud Mountain.

I meant that he used to be in the band Decapitated

For those of you who think it's the latter, you can Kickstart this wearable percussion and thigh drum all day

Because really, who would want to see that. Instead, he just plays the fuck out of the drums.

White is the new black, which was was a bit of a grey area before now.

Lets get nostalgic for some okay-to-terrible sounding amplifiers from yesteryear.

If you've wanted to lay down some synths but can't play the keyboard, and aren't the type to program it