Gear Gods

These Dimarzio endorsers have a lot to say about their own tone, liking each other's tone, liking each other's bands,

I know you wanted the cost on this thing to be dirt cheap, but money talks. Hopefully those who are

We asked numerous bands if there was a piece of gear that they use despite not loving the sound

As part of our partnership with Swedish recording software company Toontrack for Metal Month all November, Gear Gods will be

But the two manufacturers are taking very different approaches.

This kickstarter tries to forge a new standard. But at these prices, are you getting alloyed, or does the value

It also lets us use tech buzz words like "cloud" on a metal site.

It's a selfish man that won't see the joy in celebrating others

The maiden voyage of our "Quality Control" reviews section sets sail with Sam Jacobs' review of the high-gain guitar amp.

Welcome to the future

Of course it’s cold. Look at the picture. It doesn’t have any clothes yet.

Not pictured: Fredrik Thordendal asking what “analog” means.

The only thing terrifying is that people buy these guitars.

If you like charts then do we ever have the news post for you!