Meinl Expanded the Classics Custom Dark Line into a Full Set

If you took note of Meinl’s recent Classics Custom Dark 20″ Ride and thought, “man, I wish I had a set of crashes and hats to go with it,” then you must have some mystical being trailing you, bringing your innermost thoughts to life. Lucky you.


Meinl just announced the rest of the line today. There are a pair of Classics Custom Dark 14″ hi-hats, plus crashes in 16″, 18″, 19″, and 20″ sizes, because 17″ crashes can go fuck themselves apparently. The cymbals in this line are “recommended for Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, and similar styles of music. They have a fairly tight, pronounced and cutting sound with lots of volume. Additional hammering was applied to add a slightly trashier note to their overall sound characteristic.

Hear them yourself, in this demo video featuring drummer and not-putting-the-wing-nuts-on-the-stands enthusiast Benny Greb. To check out the entire line of Meinl Classics Custom Dark cymbals, head to Meinl’s website.

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