Something New to Spend Your Money On: 24k Gold Plated Guitar Strings

I don’t know how many times I’ve wondered aloud to myself, “Self,” I says, “When will those jackalopes over at yon string companies start mannafacterin’ a kinda strings a fella can REALLY sink his teeth inta, like, GOLD strings?” Scratch that, I’m certain the number of times is exactly zero. But mayhap you’ve been thinking it, and hell if your wish hasn’t been answered.


For the low price of around $30 a pack, you can class up your axe with some strings, from German company Optima, that would not be out of place in Scrooge McDuck’s swimming pool. Which is a lot for a pack of strings, but for ones coated in solid gold, I was expecting a lot more. Be the first on your block to find out what the tonal properties of this precious metal are by heading over to


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  • … I’ve paid $30 for quality strings before… Rock players have it easy playing in thin crappy strings. By the way the thomastik George Benson pack only come with 2 gold strings for that price such a rip off!!!

  • 30$?
    That’s almost the price of regular bass strings T_T

  • Are you kidding me? I pay like $50 for a set of Black Beauty 5’s for my bass!

  • Very interesting, hope we get a review from you guys.

    Also, for such a luxorious item, couldn’t they design a package that doesn’t look that 80’s tacky and cheap?

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