My Guitar Looks Like a Racecar, How About Yours?

Luxury automobiles and fancy guitars are like humans and pigs. They may look dissimilar, but 98.5% of their DNA sequence is shared. Both are built mainly to look beautiful on display, and be occasionally ridden poorly by rich middle aged men who barely know what to do with them.


With this logic, the “Alfa Romeo” guitar makes perfect sense. For the completely reasonable price of £4,000, which converts to $6,822, you can own a finely crafted British guitar styled in the fashion of an exquisite Italian driving machine, iconic grille and all. Harrison Custom Guitar Works used unconventional materials such as aluminum billet and carbon fiber to recreate the experience of winning Le Mans, burning rubber as you light up the fretboard: or more accurately, imagine doing so as you stare at your guitar through a glass case.

Only 11 of these fine specimens are being crafted, and each takes 8 months to build, so place your order now lest the weight of regret over time crushes you into the asphalt.


Source: Guitar Noize

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