Scion Made a Custom SLAYER tC Car

Black Sabbath shoes. A Kiss Kasket. Iron Maiden beer. There are many ways that bands market non-musical items to their fans, which allows that many more ways for fans to show their devotion. Sometimes they might seem like an unconscionable money grab, but if it’s something we as human beings need anyway, why not get one that says your favorite band’s name all over it?


Enter Scion’s Slayer tC. At this point, there’s only one in existence, and it’s the one in the video below. Scion is a supporter of the arts, and specifically metal, via their Scion A/V program through which they present music videos, concerts, and exclusive tracks, so it’s an obvious leap to combine the two things they do whenever possible.

The Slayer tC comes equipped with a sword-shaped parking brake, a skull and spinal column shifter, spiked wheels, a gigantic Pioneer sound system that includes Marshall tweed-covered speakers, two 1/4 inch jacks for plugging in two guitars (which will be demonstrated by Kerry and Gary at the SEMA show this coming week), custom skull airbrushed artwork, a bigass screen in the trunk, a Seasons in the Abyss – era Slayer eagle on the hood and Marshall tweed grillcloth seats.

But enough talk, check out this video and pics for evidence. How much would you pay for such a whip?



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  • Geargods is slipping… this post is useless.

    • But you know what doesn’t slip? The gearshift on this Scion Cusom Slayer tC. It has the power and responsiveness necessary to round a hairpin turn and kick back into high gear before you can even catch your breath.

      • Well played sir.

        • Has gears, so relevant?

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