Summer NAMM 2014: Blackbird Custom Pedalboards and Pedalboard Tape

Attaching pedals to your board is important for a number of reasons: so they don”t fly everywhere during transportation, so you don”t have to reassemble them every time, and so they don”t move when you do the one damn thing you”re supposed to: step on them. But there”s so many ways that people keep their boxes stuck to their boards, and unless they have a locking thumbscrew system like Temple Audio boards, there hasn”t really been a good way to do it. I”ve done everything from drilling a hole in the bottom of my pedals and bolting them to the board, to using U-bar clamps, to velcro, and every other dumb way.


Blackbird Pedalboards wants your pedals to stay where they”re put, until you say otherwise. For $5 online casino a roll, their Pedalboard Tape can stick your pedals on without fear of them falling off, but also without residue when you decide to take them off.

And if you need something to stick them to, Blackbird makes a line of really pretty pedalboards, or, should you so decide, a badass, scary looking board. Or a sparkly pink princess one. Or even better, one with your band”s LOGO on it! Because you can customize your board with an image of your choice, or choose from a bevy of custom tolexes and hard woods. The boards aren”t exactly cheap, but for the options and overall quality, they”re a steal. As Caleb mentions in the video, their smallest board (which can fit a power supply underneath and more pedals than I own) is $119 including a flight case. A quick survey of eBay shows a lot of flight cases alone for that price.

So if you”re looking for something to hold the things you step on, check out

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