Summer NAMM 2014 – Temple Audio Pedalboards Go Modular

At Winter NAMM back in January we talked to Temple Audio about their super cool perforated metal pedalboards (metalboards?) with a quick-release system for locking your pedals into place, allowing them to be moved easily and securely fastened. Sometimes little or no change takes place in a company’s products between the two NAMM shows, but Temple has stepped up their game HARD in those six months since we spoke last.


The major improvement they made to their already super light and durable boards is the addition of connectivity modules for the end panels of the boards. You can now choose from things like 1/4 inch, XLR, USB, MIDI, and power supply options to make connecting your pedals a total breeze and keep your cabling from becoming a spaghetti incident. This is a feature that some pedalboards have in a fixed format, but not anywhere near this flexible, seeing as you decide which type, which side, and how many of each type of connector you need.

They’ve also decided that rather than include a set number of pedal mounts with each board, you buy them individually as needed, which cuts the cost of entry down significantly, especially if you don’t have a ton of pedals. I love a modular design – it’s what you need right now, and it’ll be what you need later, all you have to do is add on to what you’ve got. Needs changed? Just swap out a part for the one you need. Flexibility is king.

Pre-orders for these start this fall.

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