RELATIONSHAPES Comes To The FRET ZEALOT Light-Up Guitar Fretboard System

The RelationShapes guitar scales system is something that I created to make learning scales so easy that anyone can do it. I made it, more than anything, for myself, to organize how I visualized the scales on the fretboard.


I never imagined that 1800 other people would find it to be as effective as I did, but that’s how many people have enrolled in the RelationShapes online video course, and now it’s been made available on the Fret Zealot light-up fretboard system as an in-app purchase!

So how is this different from enrolling in RelationShapes any other way? Well, the fine folks at Fret Zealot have synced up all the lessons to their LED dots, complete with the color-coding I used and everything! So every lesson you watch on the screen in the app will be mirrored on the fretboard in bright lights showing you where to put your fingers.

So if you’ve got a Fret Zealot, and you want to learn every scale on the guitar, open up the Fret Zealot app and go to the Courses section and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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