PERIPHERY Launch Their First REVERB Store Front!

That’s right, has partnered with progressive metal giants Periphery to launch the Periphery Signature Reverb Shop! Unlike other Reverb shops that have been hosted by bands in the past, this one features signature gear and software developed by the band themselves, and not the more traditional vintage/used gear the guys might have used in the past.


The collection features items such as digital downloads for all kinds of software from Getgood Drums, drums from Matt Halpern, Mark Holcomb’s signature guitar, pickups, and Seymour Duncan Dark Sun pedal, a whole slew of signature Jackson guitars from Misha Mansoor, and Jake Bowen’s signature Ibanez guitar and DiMarzio pickups.

About the shop, drummer Matt Halpern had this to say:

“We’ve each put a lot of time, effort, and heart into developing our own signature instruments alongside our sponsors. With each piece of gear, we’ve created not only an instrument that suits our needs and tastes, but also an incredibly high-quality tool for any musician. Our fans always ask us where they can get our gear, and now we can direct them to our own Reverb Shop.”

– Matt Halpern, drummer.

You can check out the official Periphery Signature Reverb Shop here.

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