NAMM 2015 – Paul Masvidal Performs at the Strandberg Booth

Paul Masvidal of the band Cynic has one of the most futuristic looking signature guitars out there. It looks like a weapon you would find in Metroid Prime, or something you’d jam in the Mos Eisley Cantina band. It’s called (appropriately) the Strandberg Masvidalien, and it’s pretty awesome.


There was a sighting of this strange and wonderful artifact and the extraterrestrial who wields it at the Strandberg booth at the NAMM show, and we were lucky enough to capture this celestial event on camera.

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  • sounds fucking terrible…….

    • I was there in person and will offer insight. This was the second song and his personal guitar was having some issues, so he pulled one off the shelf without thinking it could be out of tune from hundreds of people playing it the entire show. Also, the mix was horrible due to drummers all around the booth. When tuned and set up properly, the Strandbergs sound and play great.

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