Lone Wolf Audio Makes Pedals Your Entombedcore Band Needs

Can someone tell me whether the Fourth of July is a bigger weekend for gear sales than Memorial Day? All I know is there is an audio loop permanently embedded into my brain from listening to commercials during the Howard Stern Show when he was on K-Rock, which plays back “Memorial Day Weekend Sale, at Guitar Center.”


Well let’s dig into one that can help make your secession celebration a bit crustier, by Lone Wolf Audio, an Austin, Texas-based custom audioworks shop. The company has been around for a while, but they’ve kicked things into high gear this year. In addition to announcing a new line of guitar amps – with perennial Gear Gods pal Kurt Ballou as their first endorsed artist, they’re discounting all of their pedals today through Sunday. I’ve seen one stomped during a show before – the Iron Fist fuzz – and oh boy, it was a doozy. They’ve got a whole line of dirty distortion pedals, many of them modeled and wired after classics like the HM2, SUPERFUZZ, and the RAT. Their HM2 model, Left Hand Wrath, apparently even has vintage Japanese diodes used in the original MIJ HM2. Check out a demo of one, the Black Mesa, for yourself:

Pretty gnarly, right?

Lone Wolf’s got quite a list of backers – Joel Grind and Brad Boatright have gone on record using their stuff at Audiosiege, they’ve designed pedals for Darkthrone, and now Ballou is in the mix. As the resident Zappologist of this online publication, I’m curious about that Harmonic Energizer. Check out the (burnt) offerings here!

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • bass pedal on the market for what it does!


  • So on my bass pedalboard I’m using a Japanese Boss HM-2 and that thing kicks ass into a Darkglass B7K, if I didn’t want a Line 6 DL4, a Behringer DD400, a bass whammy, a volume pedal and a swollen pickle I’d get one.

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