KEMPER Introduces Rig Editor App for iPadOS

Kemper is on a roll with their updates lately. The brand introduced the all-new Fuzz Drive System in their last update (check that out here), and now they’re giving users the option to fully edit their rig on an iPad with their first remote control app.


The Kemper Rig Editor app allows all users of the Profilers, Head, Rack, and Stage to fully control and edit their tone via an iPad. In order for the app to function, Kemper users need to be running the public beta of the new Kemper OS 8.5 update and have their iPad OS updated to 13.0 or later. Otherwise this thing is just going to be a really nice, interactive background on your iPad.

The app is now available in The App Store, and of course a ton of great Kemper products are available here.