KEMPER Adds New FUZZ Drive System in OS 8.2 Update

Kemper just rolled out their Profiler OS 8.2 update and it’s 100% dirtier than the last iteration, thanks to the new Fuzz Drive System.


The new Fuzz Drive System adds a new array of FX presets, extra bite for the Studio EQ including Steep Low and Steep High filters that can now be switched from first to second order, and a wattage meter with an extra drive for the new Kemper Power Kabinet. Additionally, the Kemper Kone Menu also features a boost for the outputs to get that extra kick with external power amps.

As far as the new fuzz pedals go, Kemper now offers such models as the Jimi’s Fuzz Face, Tycobrahe Octavia, and Rocket Octavia. Though you can always create your own unique fuzz tones that throw it back to the 1950s, or just go full on stoner rock filthy. The Fuzz Drive comes with a set of presets that take you to the basic tones of the aforementioned pedals, but the customization is entirely up to you.

The Profiler OS 8.2 comes also with the new Rig Manager 3.2. Learn more here and grab a Kemper here if you don’t have one already!