Jake Bowen from PERIPHERY Reveals his New 27 Fret Ibanez LACS

Jake Bowen is a man of exquisite taste. Whether it’s that mammoth (but well-groomed) beard, the ever so subtle release of the top three buttons of his shirt revealing just the slightest bit of beach sweater, or the clean and sleek nature of his new Ibanez LACS, Jake clearly knows how to keep shit interesting and fun while still saying “I am a god damn adult and I know what I want.”


All jokes aside though, Jake’s new guitar features some updated features from his normal signature production model. This new LACS includes 27 frets, an interesting new pickup configuration, and a basswood body, just to cover a few of the new additions.

Bowen did a full-scale walk-through of his fantastic new axe at Fear The Riff Expo in Brooklyn, NY with Sinestra Studios and Bloodlines this past week:

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