How to Pick the Right Music for Your Metal Podcast

Many metal podcasters underestimate the importance of choosing the right music for their sessions. Those who know how metal music influences listeners, take time to choose the perfect metal song according to their topic.



Choosing music for your podcast is quite subjective. A podcaster chooses the music depending on their topic and target audience. Furthermore, numerous other factors such as podcast flow, guest speakers, and emotional sentiments make a podcast successful. Music for a metal podcast does not do much heavy lifting in the session. However, it controls the audience’s mood, builds interest, and helps in highlighting the important conversation. That said, music is ultimately responsible for the success of a metal podcast.

  1. Music that Supports Emotional Sentiments

While choosing the music for a metal podcast, consider your audiences’ emotions. Think about how your story resonates in the heart of your listeners. For instance, if the story creates tension, contemplation, and sadness your music should play a supportive role. Even if the podcast is about metal gears and plug-ins, you can create the moment of discovery, concentration, and analysis by picking the right song. The right song in this context would be the one that blends well with your story.

  1. Music to Emphasize Turns in the Story

Many professional podcasters suggest that the right technique to align your podcast would be through dividing the storyline into scenes, chapters, and turning points. Storytelling segmentation will help you include interesting elements in the metal podcast. Accentuating the breaks and scenes using different music will give a subconscious kick and encourage the audience to pay attention. When you feel like your audience needs a boost after five minutes of a sad story, you can cheer them up with good news and energetic metal music.

  1. Music that Follows the Subject Matter

Always remember that the metal music you pick should resonate with the subject matter. The best trick to follow a subject matter is creating a show theme. By knowing the theme of your metal podcast, you can easily write the storyline, pick the right music, and create smooth transitions. However, if the podcast does not match the topic, the target audience won’t be able to connect. In addition, you can create simple music for your metal podcast using three simple notes.

  1. Music that isn’t Copyrighted

Using copyrighted music in a podcast is a copyright violation. Jot this sentence on a poster and stick it on your bedroom door. Many podcasters don’t realize that most of the music they use in their podcast is copyrighted. However, if you purchase the rights to use that music commercially, there won’t be any issue. A clear solution to avoid copyright violations on your metal podcast is using royalty-free music. If you are new to this term, then you would be happy to know that some platforms offer music you can use without paying royalties to the composer or artist. Downloading royalty-free music gives you legal rights to use the song for any purpose, including a metal podcast. 


As mentioned earlier, you need to consider emotions, break storyline, and stick to subject matter for pick the right music for metal podcast. Furthermore, using a royalty-free music platform to download metal songs would be the best idea. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms that offer wide range of music for commercial use. 

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