How To Write Metal With 3 Notes! (Feat. OBLIVION’s New Song “Expand The Hive”)


Extreme metal band Oblivion have been gearing up to release of their newest self-titled album which drops January 21st, 2019 (self-released). The Bar Area-based group have dropped a few killer tracks here and there, but have now just put out this lesson video explaining the writing process behind their new song “Expand the Hive”!

The video features two extremely knowledgeable and talented teachers, Daniel Muñoz (Ph.D.) and Feona Lee-Jones (Composer), who go in-depth to explain the fractal nature of the band’s song. Much like a beehive, the song is based off a simple structure that is duplicated over and over to create a more complex pattern. Furthermore, the duo breaks down how it’s possible to compose such an interesting piece of music just by manipulating 3 notes! It’s all pretty mindbending stuff, and the video makes speedy work of what is going on in the song here.

You can pre-order Oblivion’s new record on their Bandcamp, as well as follow them on Facebook for more extreme metal goodness.

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