How to Get Better at Warzone: The Ultimate Guide to Winning

Call of Duty: Warzone offers the best battle royale experience. However, it comes with a lot of difficulties and a learning curve that is quite steep. As such, we have lovers and others who dread mentioning the name. Either way, there’s a lot to learn.


One endearing part of the game is that different players can win it using any approach or technique they feel comfortable with. The catch, however, is that there’s an underlying framework upon which any winning approach is built. The tips we’ll be providing in this article plus some call of duty: warzone hacks will guide you through your Warzone matches. 

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Tips to get better at Call of Duty: warzone 

  1. Master movement

A good mastery of movements in Warzone will help you escape many in-game hazards and get some kills. Interestingly, the game has many movement techniques, among which are sliding, bunny hopping, slide cancel, etc. Sliding, for instance, helps you to move faster than when you sprint.

However, there are situations where you’d want to end your slide and take a shot immediately. Here’s when you’d be grateful you knew how to slide cancel. To slide cancel, you must tap on the crouch button in the middle of a slide, and that’s it! You’ll fine-tune the different techniques as you continue practicing them during matches.

  1. Address your settings

One of the reasons many gamers are stuck at a level for too long is their settings. This is because your settings control how in-game activities happen and how you can react to them. Lowering or increasing some things in the settings tab will make it easier to make some moves better or see things better.

Key things you should look for are sensitivity, FOV, aim-assist, sound, etc. You can fine-tune the sensitivity by adjusting the mouse DPI (if you’re using a mouse). This helps you to make movements with increased precision. For aim-assist, we recommend the standard one. But this is subject to personal preference and tests.

  1. Your equipment matters

The chances are that you’re better at Warzone than you’re aware of, but you lack the ideal pieces of equipment. A great way to boost your performance in a fast-paced game like Warzone is by playing with good equipment. This is especially helpful if you’re on a difficult map such as Rebirth or Caldera.

For the best gaming experience, go for gaming-specific gear, including monitors or laptops, controllers or mice, seats, etc. Also, we recommend a 3-d gaming headset too. A good gaming monitor and headset could be all you need for increased immersion in the game. The rest will boost your performance and comfort.

  1. Drop smart and fast

You’ll need to increase your survival chances if you want to get better at Warzone. Your drop is where it all starts. When you’re dropping from the craft, you must be able to control how fast and where your chute takes you. The latter is determined while you’re in the aircraft, while you decide the former when you’re airborne.

Allowing your character to fall freely makes him travel faster than when the parachute is engaged. So, if you want to reach the ground faster, allow your character to fall freely, then engage the chute at about 2-storeys from the ground. You can determine where you drop by paying attention to the plane’s flight path and aiming for your approximate destination.

  1. Team play requires teamwork.

You’ll keep blowing your chances of getting better at Warzone if you don’t know how to cooperate with your team members. Learn to communicate effectively and utilize the ping system at every chance you get. It helps you to warn a teammate of impending danger or show them a good loot location.

Also, you must always stick close with your teammates, but not too close. Staying too close makes it easier for an enemy’s team to wipe out the whole team with a single grenade or two. If you’re closing in on a target, do so from different angles.


COD: Warzone is not as difficult as people make it appear. All you need are some pro-tips coupled with a fine strategy. In addition to these, you also need good gaming equipment to help you hone your gaming skills. Lastly, spend some time adjusting and experimenting with the settings. That way, you’ll eventually create a setup that fits your style.

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