Virtual Game Night: 6 Music Games to Play

Over the last few years, virtual game nights have become a hugely popular way to socialize and hook up with friends that you may not be geographically close to. Music-themed nights are a great way to go as there are plenty of excellent games that you can play to add to the evening’s entertainment between the time you spend chatting and the meal you eat together virtually. Like playing bingo games, this can be a fun activity for your family and friends to do together. One of the great things about ‘virtually’ getting together is that you can use a variety of websites, which you can all log in to at the same time to get the best experience possible and pick up some great games. From ‘name that tune’ to a music-themed slot, there are certainly plenty of choices, so here are six great music game ideas to play to get you started.

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1. Name that Tune

Tune is a classic music-based game that is easy to play. It also means that each individual location is free to pick whichever tunes they like using a medium such as YouTube. You can then simply play a snippet of your chosen song to the rest of your guests and see who can name it. Traditionally, you play a section of the introduction; however, if music is your thing and all of you consider yourselves music buffs, why not pick something more difficult from the middle. Of course, you should agree beforehand on how long each clip will be. If you want to make it difficult, five seconds can be tricky, or if you’re feeling generous, you could agree on a 10-second clip. The nice thing is you’re not tied to any premade board game, so the clips can be anything at all that you can find on the Internet.

2. Finish the Lyrics

A similar concept is found in the game ‘Finish the Lyrics’. Each player or team takes it in turns to try and complete the lyrics as set by one of their competitors. Again, because this is a virtual event, you have scope to pick your songs as you go and make them as tricky or straightforward as you would like, depending on how mean or nice you want to be to your friends. You should play a snippet of the song, and when the music stops, the team needs to say or sing the next lyrics.

3. Musical Trivia 

Musical trivia is a great game that could be set up in advance. Everyone creates a set of musical trivia questions for everyone else to answer. They could be emailed in advance, and then during the evening, you can mark the answers and see who has one. You could decide on a category system so that one question must be about Grammy winners, one about country music, and one about musicals, for example. Whether there are prizes on offer is entirely up to the participants and depends on the kind of event you are hosting.

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4. Verzuz

It was an Instagram link that took the world by storm. The concept came from producers Swiss Beatz and Timbaland and sees two artists go head-to-head. Lots of famous names got involved. However, there is plenty on the site to keep you going. If you fancy yourself as a chart-topping star, why not go head-to-head with your favorite Verzuz video, and everyone else at the virtual dinner party can vote and judge who the winner is. You can either pick your tunes or challenge your friends which one you would like to hear them perform. So, whether you consider yourself to be the next Ed Sheeran or Amy Winehouse, this is your chance to shine and showcase your talents to all your friends.

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5. Song Word Association 

Word association is another great way to pass the time of day, and song word association gives you a musical twist. Whether you play individually or as teams, the idea is that someone says a word, probably something a little obscure, and you have 10 seconds to come up with a song that contains that word as part of the lyrics. Of course, you could make the challenge a little more complicated by requiring the participants to sing the following line rather than say it.

6. Musical Statues

When you’ve had enough of sitting down, which is, of course, the only downside of a virtual party, it’s time to get up and move. Taking it in turns, everybody but one person gets up, and the remaining sat-down player can stream some tunes for everyone to dance to. When they stop the music, everyone must immediately freeze in a perfect dance position. The judge can decide who was the last to stop moving or who is not staying still, and they must sit it out until a winner is declared.

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