HORIZON DEVICES Launch New FLUX ECHO Reverb And Delay Pedal

Hot damn, 2020 is off to a pretty good start. The good dudes over at Horizon Devices recently announced via Facebook that they’ve been working on something very, very special for 2020: the Flux Echo pedal!


From the company:

“After over 2 years of design, testing, and tweaking we are so excited to finally be able to present our latest inspiration box: The Flux Echo! It’s the result of years of research & development, our community’s great input and Misha’s extensive delay collection ranging from vintage tape echoes to modern crisp delays…

  • Mono and Stereo I/O’s: The Flux Echo is designed to work great with most setups including traditional mono rigs as well as stereo rigs with multiple amps/instruments, it even sounds great with synthesizers.
  • Flux Mode: Variable switch that allows 3 distinct voices: a warm, ambient reverb with clean analog delay repeats, a lightly modulated reverb with a smooth reverse delay, and a shimmer reverb with a tape-style echo.
  • Tap/Hold switch: Tap to set your delay tempo, hold to freeze both reverb and delay. Once you let go both will decay as set.
  • Bypass/Delay and Reverb Trails switch: Tap to turn the Flux Echo on or off. Hold the bypass switch down while the pedal is on to enable or disable delay/reverb trails.

You can read the full Facebook post below:

The pedal will be retailing for $199 USD, and the first batch is said to be available for immediate shipping in early Q1 of 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for these puppies!

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