HORIZON DEVICES Apex Preamp Pedal Now Available for Preorder!

It’s official! You can now preorder the brand new Apex Preamp pedal from Misha Mansoor’s brainchild; Horizon Devices. After the massive success following the release of their first pedal, the Precision Drive, I’m sure that we are looking at yet another game changer from these guys.


From Horizon Devices:

$299 preorder pricing and $320 once preorders end. The first 500 orders ship in December/January. The Apex preamp pedal is a simple, all-in-one solution for metal guitarists looking for modern metal tone live and in the studio. Use it to instantly transform clean tones into a high gain monster, add a new flavor to your existing distortion tone, or as an all-in-one solution for recording.


  • Plug & play perfect modern metal tone in any situation
  • Organic & analog amp feel
  • Simple & intuitive to use
  • Ultra-flexible & usable EQ controls with no dead spots
  • Tight switch instantly adds punch and clarity to your tone, even when tuned low
  • Built-in adjustable noise gate developed specifically for the Apex preamp to keep your signal noise-free & tight featuring our new Triple Core technology
  • Built-in bypassable cabinet simulation with adjustable microphone position gives you a simple, all-in-one portable solution for great metal tone in the studio & live
  • Durable construction & robust components for long lifespan and confidence on the road
  • Optimized to work well with digital and tube rigs
  • True bypass ensures no signal loss when the pedal is not being used
  • Compact size to maximize your pedalboard real estate

You can preorder the Apex Preamp RIGHT NOW by clicking right here.

Also, here is an additional video from Mr. Ola Englund going over some of the finer points of the Apex Preamp:

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