We’ve demoed gear from Fuzzrocious Pedals before (check out our Ultimate Delay Shootout) and have seen some of what they are capable of. They’ve just announced that their scorching unique Blast Furnace Fuzz Pedal is now shipping worldwide, and we can barely contain our excitement.

The Blast Furnace is a really special fuzz pedal with a lot of flexibility. One of the main neat features about it is the inclusion of a short-timed delay switch, which when activated, lets you add anything from one simple repeat to some swirling, destructive oscillation. When you take your foot off the left footswitch, the delay can get cut out on a dime for maximum control. Some extra fuzzy texture can also be added to the delay if so desired. Tons of useful features in a mean-looking pedal.

In the video you can see Fuzzrocious founder Ryan Ratajski and Stephen Brodsky (of Mutoid Man fame) demoing some sick tunage through the Blast Furnace. The Blast Furnace is available now through Chicago Music Exchange for $180. If you really wanna go the extra mile, you can snag one of five limited hand-painted models for $200 as well, but you’re gonna have to hurry. Get fired up!

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