Ever Wish You Could Do Vibrato on a Keyboard? Enter The K-Board Pro 4

The ability to do vibrato and pitch modulation is nothing new in the world of keyboard – most come with little pitch bend wheels or a joystick over to the left side, or even a pitch ribbon. And the Roli Seaboard also allows you to do pitch effects right on the soft keybed, as well as dynamics of various kinds without touching a wheel.


But the Seaboard, as awesome as it is, is a very different instrument from a keyboard. It’s a completely different feel and style – it would be hard to play Chopin on one.

So now Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced the K-Board Pro 4, a 4-octave keyboard that has X and Y axis expression as well as pressure sensitivity, which means you can control dynamics right on the keys themselves without taking one hand off the board. And the keys are more like normal synth action keys, hard plastic so you can use your normal playing technique that you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

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