DEVIN TOWNSEND is a Gearwhore for his Pimped Out Practice Rig

Devin Townsend is a man of exquisite taste. He knows what he likes. And judging by this new episode of ‘GEARWHORE’, he sure does seem to like this Line 6 Spider setup he’s got going on as his practice rig.


As you’ll see in the video, Devin has a pretty straight forward philosophy when it comes to practice rigs. Hes wants the ability to approximate three of his most used tones so that his practice-time writing will translate to his big-boy gear.

Which is probably a nice little take away on what to look for in your own bedroom setup. Y’know like, make sure what you’re practicing through is relevant to what you’re plaything through elsewhere. Otherwise you might have just gone and written an album worth of material on your Laney LX35, only to now find out that your masterpiece isn’t quite sounding right through the FRFR Axe-FX setup in your jam room.

So, prepare to get gearwhore’d out as Devin Townsend walks you through his neat guitar-activity-corner setup.

Devy’s rig, in case you missed it: Line 6 ‘Relay G10’ Wireless > Line 6 ‘Spider V 120’ with ‘FBV 3’ & Dunlop ‘Volume (X)’ Pedal > Mooer Ocean Machine 

Check out more GEARWHORE other Devin Townsend shenanigans at his YouTube channel.

So what does your practice rig look like? I’ve got an old Line 6 PodXT Live going into an Orange Micro Terror that pumps through a Behringer combo 2×10, which I’ve converted into a cab. It goes hard. And doesn’t this video prove that the only kinds of people that hate Line 6 Spiders are cranky old buttmunches? Food for thought.

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  • I’m no line 6 fan, but if its good enough for Devin, it’s good enough for anyone.

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